Dr. Graves Speaks with Target H.O.P.E



Wednesday, April 26, 2017 – Tate Hall, University of Missouri – Target H.O.P.E. is a nonprofit organization with a mission to enhance educational opportunities for minority students attending public high schools in the Chicago metropolitan area continuing to college and graduate studies. Healing, Opportunity, Pride and Empowerment are the concepts through which Target H.O.P.E creates innovative academic retention strategies to combat the high school dropout crisis and increase minority graduation rates in higher education. Target H.O.P.E. programs reinforce academic excellence, and the importance of completing a college education.   Dr. Graves was invited to speak about OPPORTUNITY, which is what the O stands for in H.O.P.E.  Black faculty and leaders in the Columbia community gathered to talk about hardships that they had to face being black in America pursuing their career. To learn more about Target HOPE and the services they provided please visit their website at http://www.targethopechicago.com

If interested in having Dr. Graves speak at your event or group please contact him at sgraves@troublesomemovement.com

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